We have recently converted our volunteer program into an intern program in an effort to focus our attention on working with individuals who are truly committed to learning and sharing knowledge on permaculture. 

Our farm is an educational and demonstration farm for permaculture in the wet tropics. Permaculture isn’t just a way of farming or a hobby, on the homestead it’s a lifestyle. Permaculture is a part of our lives right down to how we process our garbage and dry our clothes. In addition to the farm basics such as planning, planting, maintaining, harvesting, animal care and etc., this year we will be doing earth bag and bamboo construction on the farm. It is all hard work, but very rewarding with new skills to be learned along the way.

Our interns have the opportunity to experience and learn from all aspects of life on our homestead, farm work and the various projects happening this year. We do not require that you have all sorts of special skills, but we are however only looking for serious candidates who have the right combination of interests and intentions. Everything is an exchange and we are practicing the gift economy. Although it is impossible to put a price value on the experience and knowledge you have the opportunity to receive, we do need to charge our interns a fee to cover housing and miscellaneous costs. Our fee is $450 a month and we ask for a commitment of three months. With this you receive dorm style lodging, 3 hearty meals a day, hot showers, wi-fi, basic alaundry service and weekends free to relax or travel.

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