Finca Quijote is a Wet Tropics Permaculture Educational and Demonstration Farm. The family run farm of 517 hectares is deep in the Costa Rican Wet Tropics. Your hosts, Ginnee, Felipe, Erika, and William have ten years of experience on the developing of sustainable systems and healing the lands from decades of neglect. Composting, hydro-electric, solar power, bio-digester, plant nurseries, and native forage crop development are just a few of the sustainable systems being used. Visitors, students and researchers are welcomed and treated to a truly beautiful, protected, and wild landscape. All foods for meals are grown locally or on-site. A truly off-grid homestead.


Ginnee and Phil are the founders of Finca Quijote and it is their dream. They are ex-pats from South Florida with very strong political beliefs and have been called eccentric on more than one occasion. Phil has been practicing and studying permaculture for years although he doesn’t have all the cool titles and courses under his belt like some of his colleagues, he considers himself self-taught and mostly trained in the field. Phil in his old life was a landscape designer and owned his own plant nursery and live green decor plant rental business, renting ornamentals and trees to the special events and motion picture industries. He literally worked in mobile foliage and landscaping. He’s into growing food now, a better use of his green thumb. Ginnee, is Phil’s wife and co-conspirator, she’s a real tough woman. She is our researcher, one of the decision makers, planner, writer, and green house goddess. She has been studying and practicing natural medicine on herself and the rest of us with some success. Ginnee is also a fantastic cook, making even the complicated seem easy, we enjoy her fusion of American and International recipes with locally grown products.  


Erika is from South Florida, a graphics designer, once a serial community volunteer, has spent many years in the hospitality industry and manages the office aspects of the farm in addition to the logistics of feeding folks and making clean laundry magically appear. 

William is Costa Rican and a trained in the field master welder, machinist and heavy machinery mechanic who also does construction. He fixes and builds stuff for us, grew up in the countryside learning the super old ways of farming from his parents and grandparents. Too poor for the doctor, he learned all about natural remedies, medicinal plants and etc. He is a valuable source of know-how and knowledge.